NBA Finals: LeBron James, Miami Heat Earning Free Throws and Taking over Series

LeBron James is an unstoppable high-speed freight train in the shape of a human being.

He has been a monster driving into the paint all throughout the NBA Finals, especially during Miami’s 101-95 victory during Game 3 Sunday night.

James’ ability to steamroll past defenders like Kevin Durant has helped him earn not just layups and dunks, but also free throws.

He’s not passing the rock anymore. He’s taking matters into his own hands. He’s getting the ball, beating his defender every time and either getting fouled or scoring.

That’s what he had to do coming into the series and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

James knew that Oklahoma City had an advantage down low with Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibakagoing up against Chris Bosh and Shane Battier.

He knew they had a massive advantage at point guard, too, with Russell Westbrook leading the way for the Thunder against Mario Chalmers.

However, one position where the Thunder didn’t have the advantage was on the wings and that’s where James makes a living at. He starts there and then he uses his agility and strength to drive past his defender and go the cup.

Just like a freight train.

Kevin Durant isn’t exactly the world’s greatest defender and LeBron has been making him pay.

Durant has recorded five fouls in each of the last two games. James is pretty much beating him every time and either forcing Durant to concede a bucket or force a foul.

And when he’s gotten to the line, James hasn’t disappointed. He’s only missed four free throws in 29 attempts throughout the Finals.

It’s true that James and the Heat have received plenty of help from a rejuvenated Shane Battier, who has all of a sudden turned into a three-point machine at the most opportune time. Battier has hit 11 of his 15 three-point attempts.

That being said, it’s been James that has controlled the pace of the game for the Heat. He’s getting Durant into foul trouble and scoring baskets simultaneously. He’s essentially helping his cause and hurting the Thunder’s at the same time.

It’s a double whammy for OKC and in the last two games it has been enough to give Miami the victory. Durant has played six fewer minutes in Games 2 and 3 than he did in Game 1 because of foul trouble.

Let’s not forget that Westbrook’s 21 turnovers in the series along with Harden’s ineffectiveness from the field has compounded the problem for the Thunder.

If the Thunder are going to win another game in this series, they need others to step up. Durant’s not going to do it all on his own against LeBron.

The only way one can stop a freight train is through a collective effort.

Until the Thunder learn how to do that, the Akron Express is gonna keep rollin to an NBA championship.


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