July 10, 2012: By the Numbers (MLB All-Star Game Edition)

Today marked the 83rd Midsummer Classic as the National League dominated the American League, 8-0, to retain home field advantage and win their third consecutive All-Star Game after dropping the previous 12 All-Star games.

Here are some more interesting stats and factoids from today’s game:

  • Today marked the first All-Star Game in Kansas City in 39 years.
  • The 8-0 victory was the first shutout in an MLB All-Star Game since 1996 when the National League defeated the American League, 6-0, in Veterans Stadium.
  • It was just the eighth shutout in All-Star Game history.
  • San Francisco Giants players drove in 5 of the 8 National League runs.
  • This was the largest margin the National League has ever won by.
  • Melky Cabrera won the MVP of the All-Star Game. The last time the All-Star Game took place in Kansas City, another Giant (Bobby Bonds) took home the MVP.
  • Tony LaRussa improves to 1-2 in All-Star Games, retiring as a winner.
  • A total of 61 players were used in the game.
  • Justin Verlander allowed 5 earned runs in the first inning. He’s allowed five runs in an outing just once this year, but he did it over six innings against Boston.
  • The league that has had home field in the World Series in the new format where the winner of the All-Star Game captures home field is 6-3. National League teams are 2-0, having won the last two All-Star games and World Series.
  • FROM ESPN STATS/INFO: This is the first All-Star Game in which a 20-year old (Mike Trout) and a 40-year old (Chipper Jones) got a hit in the same game.
  • FROM ESPN STATS/INFO: The NL has allowed a total of 2 runs over the last 3 All-Star games. They gave up a total of 13 runs in the three previous All-Star games.

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