July 15, 2012: By the Numbers

Who wins the AL Cy Young? Justin Verlander or Jered Weaver? Weaver picked up his 11th victory today against the New York Yankees and Verlander picked up his 10th against the Texas Rangers, both valiant opponents. That’s only today, though. Here are some stats from throughout the season. You decide who deserves it more.

  • Weaver has the lower ERA but Verlander has struck out 136 hitters, the second-most in the Majors behind Felix Hernandez. Verlander’s strikeout-to-walk ratio is the second best in the American League at 4.25-to-1.
  • Weaver plays on a team with a better record and his personal win-loss totals are more impressive at 11-1. However, in games against first place teams, Verlander is 1-1 with 3.33 ERA and Weaver is 1-1 with a 7.16 ERA. Verlander has also won five of his last six decisions.
  • Weaver has also received a lot more run support. Weaver’s teammates get him 8.77 runs per game, the fifth highest total in the Majors. Meanwhile, Verlander’s teammates get him 4.29 runs per game, the lowest total in the Majors. Verlander’s record could be a lot better if his Tigers get him some runs.
  • Verlander has never allowed more than five earned runs in a game. He’s pitched at least six innings in every outing.
  • Verlander has also pitched 37 more innings than Weaver and has five complete games compared to Weaver’s one.

And here are some other interesting stats from the day in baseball:

  • Yoenis Cespedes had his first career four hit game in the Majors today. It was also the third time this season where he’s homered in at least two consecutive games.
  • Ben Sheets pitched and won for the first time in two years.
  • Stephen Strasburg has just 55 innings left before the Washington Nationals shut him down. Assuming he pitches six innings per outing, he has nine starts left in the tank. This will get him through the end of August.

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