Football Tickets: Top 10 Priciest NFL Tickets on Secondary Market

Every Monday we will update the most expensive seats on the secondary market in the NFL. These figures are brought to you by SeatGeek. The percentage changes, however, are crunched by me.

Last week, the New York Giants had the priciest seats at just over $225 per ticket, on average. Did they retain their top spot on the most expensive ticket list for consecutive weeks?

Let’s find out:

1. New York Giants     $258.67
Last week’s ranking: No. 1
Change: +14.8%

2. New England Patriots     $251.79
Last week’s ranking: No. 5
Change: +46.2%

3. Denver Broncos     $194.69
Last week’s ranking: No. 4
Change: +9.9%

4. Green Bay Packers     $194.09
Last week’s ranking: No. 6
Change: +16.6%

5. Pittsburgh Steelers     $190.31
Last week’s ranking: No. 2
Change: -8.8%

6. Baltimore Ravens     $167.67
Last week’s ranking: No. 9
Change: +24%

7. Chicago Bears     $164.93
Last week’s ranking: No. 3
Change: -7.5%

8.  New Orleans Saints     $160.72
Last week’s ranking: No. 15
Change: +54.5%

9.  Philadelphia Eagles     $154.26
Last week’s ranking: No. 8
Change: +12.6%

10.  Seattle Seahawks     $143.03
Last week’s ranking: No. 14
Change: +33.5%

Biggest Positive Changes:
1. Saints: +54.5%
2. Patriots: +46.2%
3. Seahawks: +33.5%
4. Ravens: +24%
5. Chiefs: +19.5%

The New Orleans Saints made the biggest jump of the week possibly in light of the news that Drew Brees had signed a massive extension recently. The New York Giants, however, maintained the top spot, which is expected considering they’re a large market team that just won the Super Bowl.


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