Armenia at the Olympics: Struggles Continue in Days 4 and 5

Armenia won six medals in the 2008 Beijing Games, but they’re having difficulty in finding any sort of footing in the 2012 Games.

Days 4 and 5 provided a grand total of zero medals once again for Team Armenia.

On Monday, Mikael Koloyan took the pool and failed to qualify past the qualifying heats in the 100 m freestyle. Koloyan finished third in his heat and 45th overall in the competition.

Meanwhile, weightlifter Arakel Mirzoyan, who was considered a medal favorite, failed to get the barbel off the floor in the clean and jerk round of the 69-kg weight class competition. He had three attempts, but he failed to get the bar above his head. Because of this, he failed to finish and came in last place.

Tuesday wasn’t much better as two more Armenian weightlifters failed to medal.

On the women’s side, Meline Daluzyan started off strong in the 69-kg weightlifting event. Her 111-kg snatch put her in solid positioning to medal. However, in the clean and jerk portion of the competition, Daluzyan failed to lift the barbel over the mat in her three attempts. As a result, she was unable to finish.

And on the men’s side, Tigran Martirosyan, another medal favorite, withdrew from the 75-kg weight class competition.

Ara Khachatryan will try to reverse Team Armenia’s fortunes on Friday morning at 2:00 AM PDT when he participates in the 85-kg weightlifting event.


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