NFL Preseason: Opening Game Shows New York Jets Are A Mess At Quarterback

Sure, it’s preseason. Sure, it doesn’t matter.

But today’s lackluster performances by all three of the New York Jets’ quarterbacks exemplified the nonsense which surrounds the mania that is the Jets’ quarterback battle.

Ever since Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets, all we’ve been hearing from every sports media outlet is how the goody-two shoes quarterback is going to compete against pretty-boy gun slinger, Mark Sanchez, for the starting spot on the team.

In fact, too much has been made of this story. It’s as if the two quarterbacks involved are elite pro bowlers battling for one spot on a team.

This isn’t Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady duking it out for the shot to be quarterback for their team on Opening Week. Instead, we’re talking about two quarterbacks in Tebow and Sanchez, that have made more news off the field than between the sidelines throughout their careers.

These are the guys we’re talking about, folks:

These are the numbers put up by Tebow, Sanchez, and third-stringer Greg McElroy in their first preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Notice how both Tebow and Sanchez threw for fewer yards combined than McElroy did. They also each had lower passer ratings than the third-stringer.

When the guy that’s deemed the third-stringer outplays the top two guys who are supposed to be relentlessly battling for the top spot on the team, the team has to look into the mirror and ask themselves, “Where in the world is this runaway train heading?”

Yes, once again, it is only preseason, but this is a fair question to ask to Jets’ management:

Do they honestly believe that they can win the Super Bowl with these guys?

Mark Sanchez showed signs of a great future early in his career when he went 4-2 in his first six playoff games – all on the road. However, he regressed immensely last season. His third year was supposed to be his breakout season. He was supposed to rise above the occasion and show that he has what it takes to be a No. 1 quarterback in the NFL. Instead, he flopped and another poor season will relegate him to the bench in favor of a guy who is trying to prove his worth as a starting quarterback to NFL coaches, GMs, media, fans, and even teammates during every snap of every game.

That guy is Tim Tebow, of course. One second we love him when he throws an 80-yard game winning touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs. The next second we hate him when he puts up a single-digit passer rating.

Obviously, Greg McElroy, who outperformed both Tebow and Sanchez isn’t the answer either.

So what are the Jets to do?

This team was supposed to become a perennial Super Bowl contender after back-to-back AFC Championship appearances. Rex Ryan’s loud mouth guarantees never came to fruition. They always talked the talk, but never walked the walk.

Instead, they became one giant, attention-seeking, media circus that will continue to take a backseat to the Super Bowl champion, New York Giants, in their city.


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