Road Trip: Boston to Los Angeles

I’m not the biggest aficionado of blogging about one’s own personal life.

That said, I am embarking on two long cross-country road trips this summer and rather than keeping a journal in a notebook that no one will read, I want to blog about my journeys.

The first journey will take place starting today, May 20th. I will drive from Boston, MA all the way to Los Angeles, CA for my brother’s wedding. The journey will take me through the Heartland, past the Rockies to the Californias. I will then stay in Southern California for approximately two months before trekking back to Bean Town for my second journey (this time through the south and up the Atlantic coast) to start graduate school.

The following is the tentative plan:
Monday, May 20 – Boston to Philadelphia
Tuesday, May 21 – Philadelphia to Pittsburgh
Wednesday, May 22 – Pittsburgh to Cleveland
Thursday, May 23 – Cleveland to Detroit
Friday, May 24 – Detroit to Chicago
Saturday, May 25 – Full day in Chicago
Sunday, May 26 – Day trip to Milwaukee and back to Chicago
Monday, May 27 – Chicago to St. Louis
Tuesday, May 28 – St. Louis to Kansas City
Wednesday, May 29 – Kansas City to Denver
Thursday, May 30 – Full day in Denver
Friday, May 31 – Denver to Salt Lake City
Saturday, June 1 – Full day in SLC
Sunday, June 2 – Salt Lake City to Reno
Monday, June 3 – Reno to San Francisco
Tuesday, June 4 – Full day in San Francisco
Wednesday, June 5 – San Francisco to Los Angeles

Let the fun begin and follow the journey.


One Response to Road Trip: Boston to Los Angeles

  1. Aquila says:

    I was wondering if you would be so kinds as to share with us what routes you took on your Boston to Los Angeles road trip. My family is moving from Boston to LA county at the end of the month and we plan to drive there with our two kids and a puppy. Thank You.

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